Rules of the Fishery

All Anglers must hold a valid EA rod licence

If you cannot produce evidence of this then you will be asked to leave

Protect The Fish

  • Carp/Cat care kit is compulsory!
  • Maximum hook size 6 Micro-barbed for Carp rigs. Maximum hook size 4 micro-barbed on Cat rigs. Cat rigs must be free running only! (Barbless hooks also permitted!)
  • No treble hooks or spinning allowed
  • No live baiting or dead baiting at all
  • Minimum 15lb mainline whilst fishing on the bottom of water. lower lb mainline acceptable for float fishing and where targeting smaller species
  • No fixed weight rigs – Safety clips or free running rigs only
  • No naked mainline. Rig tubing to be used – 18″ is suffice
  • No braided mainline to be used. Mono or Fluoro only!
  • Large Carp Matt or Cradle compulsory
  • Forceps are compulsory
  • Back Leads to be used at night on the Horseshoe
  • 42″ Carp Landing net minimum. Other nets can be used for smaller species in addition.
  • No keep nets permitted. Holding slings permitted for short time
  • DO NOT stray too far from your peg. If you can’t get to your rods in 5 seconds you are too far away. You may be timed to prove a point 🙂
  • Water must be at hand at all times to wet Fish and keep cradles/mats damp. Be very mindful of hot temperature of equipment
  • All fish to be returned promptly and safely unless retained due to injury. Inform Fishery Staff if this is the case
  • When holding any fish for photos etc do so as close to cradle/mat as possible
  • Always follow bait restrictions. See ‘Bait Restrictions’ section
  • Bait boats are permitted – use sensibly and follow bait restrictions
  • Under no circumstance introduce any fish from anywhere other than the lake in which you are fishing
  • If you suspect or witness any wrongdoing or suspicious behaviour – inform Fishery Staff immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy for any mistreatment of fish
  • IF NIGHT FISHING – Ensure that all equipment  etc is to hand before dark. Proficient lighting is essential or you will be sent home. If you cannot see fully then you can cause damage to our fish

Bait Restrictions

  • Maximum of 1kg boilies of your choice (including crumb) in 24hr period. If boilies cannot be crushed between fingers then they are of inferior quality to what is allowed to be put into the water.
  • No Pellets unless ‘House Pellets’ – This DOES NOT include Hook Baits where you may use Pellets of your choice or micro pellets in PVA or on Feeders. The House Pellets are a nutrition and medicinal Fish Feed which is what our Fish have been fed right from the Fish Farm. 4kg limit per 24hrs
  • Maximum 1 SMALL tin of Meat per 24hrs
  • Maximum 1 SMALL tin of Sweetcorn per 24hrs
  • Maximum 1 Pint Maggots in 24hrs
  • Maximum 2kg of properly prepared particle bait per 24hrs. This will be checked
  • No Tigernuts
  • No dead baiting or live baiting
  • No Peperami or other fatty sausage type meats

Look after the environment and yourselves

  • Ensure that ALL LITTER IS TAKEN HOME Leave your trash and you will be banned
  • We accept no liability for damage to vehicles, tyres, Fishing equipment or Bivvies. Ensure your environment is clear and safe from any sharp objects. We cannot guarantee what’s in any hardcore or surfacing.
  • Ensure no litter blows into the water, if so promptly retrieve it safely
  • If you smoke take away all cigarette ends with you
  • Do not enter the water even if wearing waders
  • Beware of floating Aeration platforms – keep lines clear as they will turn on incrementally
  • Do not interfere with any fishery or agricultural equipment around the Fishery
  • If you lose any equipment in the water please inform Fishery Staff
  • Maximum of 3 rods per any Angler at all times
  • Only surface fish if Wild-Fowl are not present
  • Do not feed the animals
  • BBQ’s must be small, contained and kept off the ground
  • Disability priority pegs are provided on both lakes. Please do not use if needed by others
  • Keep noise to a minimum as to not distract other Anglers
  • Radios are permitted at a low volume
  • No antisocial behaviour. You will be asked to leave and repeat offenders banned
  • We reserve the right to inspect any fishing tackle or bait you have at any time
  • INFECTION CONTROL – Ensure you bring with you your own toilet roll, disinfectant wipes and hand wipes.
  • In the event of a medical emergency please inform Fishery Staff after you have called the Emergency Services
  • Ensure you use correct car parks and be aware of places that you cannot leave your car
  • Well behaved Dogs are allowed but must remain on lead at all times and cleaned up after
  • Always check whiteboard for any peg or safety info

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