Mark and Arran bag some carp

A photo of Mark Fenemore with a stunner on 7th March

Mark’s First fish of the year and what a beauty it was 16.6 lbĀ out of the small lake caught on the 7th March.

A photo of Arran-Lee Hale with a carp
Arran-Lee Hale

Arran-Lee Hale sent us these lovely carp photos. Arran said” me and the Mrs had a good session today! Nice to see some of your new fish getting on the feed too! Caught this little beauty. Be up again soon”

A photo of Arran's 'Mrs' with a lovely carp.
Arran’s ‘Mrs’ with a lovely carp.
A photo of Arran with a carp
One of Arran’s catch
A photo of Arran with a fine carp
Another of Arran’s catch

Aaron had some good catches again last weekend.
“Caught 4 in the night, however my camera man wasn’t with me, these two being the best from this morning!. 6 fish in total!”