House Baits

Rough and Ready essential baits

Elton Baits are managed by Bailiffs Matt Baker & Andy Morgan

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House Pellets:

Fish Farming Pellets provided by the UK’s leading Fish Farm food manufacturer. These Pellets are packed full of Vitamins, nutritional essentials and flavour and are fully digestible and have a rapid breakdown rate. These are usually a pre-mixed 11,8,6mm mix

£10 per 4 Kilo Bag

Mixed house pellets. Mixed 11/8/6mm

House Baits:

  • The Sausage – A very popular bait which has been carefully crafted to target both Carp & Catfish. This was our first bait developed to replicate the smells and flavours of Hotdog, Pepperami and similar meats which we wanted to reduce going into the water. The result was a formidable bait with a smell that catches the attention of some of the biggest Cats & Carp
The Mighty & Famous Sausage
  • Twisted Nutz – Is a nutmeal based bait, the nut similarities end there. Bursting with a not so subtle Aniseed, Cinnamon and Bun Spice flavour this was produced as a cold water bait although will work throughout the year. This has definitely been an overall favourite during the winter months
The Golden bait that works as well in cold water as it does in warm
  • Lobster & Garlic – Last but not least is our newest addition. Initially only supposed to be a Bait Smoke flavour it proved so popular that we begged our bait supplier to formulate this into a bait range. Strong Garlic scent with undertones of fishmeal has bagged many a Fish
There’s a new Dog in town!


Working closely with our supplier we have come up with ” The Ultimate Hookbait “

A fishmeal based wafter has been created and then coated in a mix of fish hydro, liver hydro and minamino.

The process is repeated and they are then coated in a mixture of green lipped mussel powder, liver powder, betain and blood powder.

Very many of the ingredients used in our formidable “Sausage” are present ?

Once these hookbaits hit the water, the outer layers will start to breakdown and submit food signals through the water column.

After a short period, the outer will sort of go like paste but will still remain hard enough to stay on the hair?

These are to be our ‘Ultimate Summer Hookbaits’ ?

Summer Bangers

Bait Boosters

Intense flavours

Pre-prepped Boilies

Would you like those glazed??

Elton Baits are offering to glug your boilie prior to your visits for best performance ?

Your only requirement is to purchase the boilie and glug?

An incision will be made in the top of the bag and juuust enough glug to coat will be added.

We will do this 24hrs prior to your visit.

There will be an amount of glug left for your future use?

Glazed and ready

House Bait Prices (in all ‘house’ flavours)

  • Shelf Life Boilies (2.5kg) = £22 / (1kg) = £10
  • Boulders = £6.50
  • Pot of Assorted Coloured Pop Ups = £6
  • Pot of Wafters (Rounds) = £6
  • Pot of Wafters (Dumbells)= £6
  • Pot of Glug = £8
  • Bottle of Bait Smoke = £9
  • Bait Boosters = £2
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