The day the Cats came

We are happy to finally receive our first batch of WELS Catfish after what feels like a very long year of preparations.

We have been working in partnership with The Catfish Conservation Group and have secured our Cats from Homersfield, the most prolific WELS Catfish supplier in the UK.

Here is looking forward to many seasons of Catfishing fun!

Temporary closure

The Fishery has been closed on a temporary basis until the 5th November. This is due to improvements and introduction of Wels Catfish.


The exception will be an informal Open Match on the 3rd November lasting 24 hours

5* Review Thank you George

First time here today! Myself and brother decided on a change from over in the welsh borders. Such a beautiful location and easy too find! The owners welcome you and the amount off carp I could see was unreal on both lakes! I had a 13lb mirror and my brother landed 4 mixed! We did see some really nice 20,s and bigger! The only way too find out is too experience your time here! Will be back shortly

Chris Fennell – 24 hours at Elton

A photo of Chris Fennel with a carp caught at Elton Carp Lakes
Chris Fennel with the first fish that he has caught at Elton Carp Lakes

Chris is pictured with the first fish he caught on his 24 hour stint at Elton lakes – a 15lb 10oz carp from the specimen lake. The photo is from our Facebook page.

See Chris’s YouTube video of his 24 hours at Elton Carp Lakes. In the video Chris and Keith discuss fishing at Elton.