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With so much going on throughout the past year it would seem that updating the website has slipped down the priority list, no more! We are back and bigger than ever with a very strong online presence.

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We are now open and we are working to our best ability to comply with Social Distancing rules as set out by the Government.

You can join our active Facebook community group: Elton Carp & Catfish Lakes, for updates on any temporary changes to the rules to work in accordance with social distancing, good hygiene and ensuring that we can all enjoy our sport without risking each others health.

Some changes include:

– Customers must use their own toilet roll, disinfectant wipes and hand wipes

– All rubbish must now be taken home. Bins will no longer be provided for public use

– 2m rule to be adhered to at all times with those outside of your household

New fish arrive at Elton Carp Lakes

Photos of new carp on the delivery vehicle
New Carp arrive at Elton Carp Lakes

This delivery of fine new fish arrived at Elton Carp Lakes in mid January 2017.

Photos of new carp being unloade from the delivery truck
The new carp are carefully unloaded from the delivery truck.

New carp on their way to their new home.

Photos of the new carp being released into Elton Carp lakes
The new carp are released into their new home.

And released into the water.

About 100 new fish were released into the bottom pond. Come and have a go at catching them soon.

Fishery of the Week South

Press article on Elton Carp Lakes
Press article on Elton Carp Lakes

Fishery of the week South

Elton on song for carp sport

There are few commercial fisheries where you’re pretty much guaranteed a double figure carp every put-in, but Elton Carp Lakes in Gloucestershire offers just that.
Two feature filled lakes cater for feeder and pole anglers, but be sure to gear up appropriately as each take is just as savage and powerful as the last – making some truly cracking fishing.

Top Lake

(10 Pegs)
Carp, Tench, Bream, Barbel
This balloon shaped lake, although relatively small, certainly packs some serious punch with carp to 25lb a possibility, as well as some good sized tench, bream and barbel. There are two islands and a host of overhanging trees to target as well as some pretty deep water. With a uniform depth of 5ft, which slopes away to 8ft in the centre, many anglers rely on Method feeder for most of their fishing,  where bream and tench to 6lb can be caught in these deep pockets.
Alternatively, the feeder to the islands or the pole fished down the edge with worms, corn or paste will bring bites from the carp and barbel as well.

Horseshoe Lake

(60 pegs)
Elton’s match lake is stocked solely with carp, very few under 5lb. Fish between 8lb and 20lb have been coming out in matches, and one angler took eight fish for 79lb. Each peg has a chuck to an island with the bomb or feeder, but pegs in the middle can reach the island with a pole, as it’s just 14m away. An 8mm pellet fished on the pole or feeder up to the islands will score, but many anglers prefer to fish a top-down near the shelf with paste to claim bites. Floating baits are allowed here and some excellent fishing can be had by flicking floating bread or Chum mixers down the edge or track of the lake. A 400lb bag of commons, mirrors and ghosties is possible using this tactic, even on the hottest of days.