New Epic Stock!

Bit late this as these went in a month ago but they must be seen.

100 C3’s: Mix of Leney Mirrors and Redmire Commons

Some beasty C5/C6’s too as shown by our Celebrity faces 😉

Website Updates & Posts

With so much going on throughout the past year it would seem that updating the website has slipped down the priority list, no more! We are back and bigger than ever with a very strong online presence.

Please join our Facebook Group to get involved with our very active Facebook community


We are now open and we are working to our best ability to comply with Social Distancing rules as set out by the Government.

You can join our active Facebook community group: Elton Carp & Catfish Lakes, for updates on any temporary changes to the rules to work in accordance with social distancing, good hygiene and ensuring that we can all enjoy our sport without risking each others health.

Some changes include:

– Customers must use their own toilet roll, disinfectant wipes and hand wipes

– All rubbish must now be taken home. Bins will no longer be provided for public use

– 2m rule to be adhered to at all times with those outside of your household