Elton Carp & Catfish Lakes

Welcome to the Elton Carp & Catfish Lakes

Elton Carp & Catfish lakes are two popular purpose-built Carp & Catfish fishing lakes, near Newnham on Severn. We welcome anglers from Gloucestershire and beyond to our lovely lakes. We are the first choice in our parts for Social Angling sessions, day & night sessions with people regularly visiting for extended periods of time 

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The Barn Lake

This lake (the right hand lake in the photo) is our original lake with originally had two islands. This Lake has recently been de-silted and has been deepened and reshaped to give a much better living habitat to the Fish within.

There are  6 pegs although a Maximum of 4 Anglers can Fish at once. This Lake has spots from 3 foot to 12 foot deep and houses some of our weird and wonderful! 

There is a good head of Commons and Mirrors and plenty of Jumbo Koi, Albino Grass Carp and Ghost Carp as well as other smaller species like Bream, Roach, Rudd and Eels.

Our 2 young Albino Eastern Euro WELS Catfish are growing within the Lake 

A car accessible peg on level ground is available for wheelchair users (as above) on the top lake. Other easy access pegs are available on both lakes.

The Horseshoe Lake

We opened the Horseshoe lake (left-hand lake in the photo) as a purpose built match lake in June 2007. The classification of this Lake has been changed as of 2018 to a Specimen Lake. This is due to the Fish outgrowing the commonly recognised Match Lake criteria & from the introduction of WELS Catfish

This Lake has been stocked with some very strong breeds of Carp such as the Laney Bloodline and Redmire Commons.

Every year the fish have spawned twice with thousands of fry evident in the margins in the Summer/Autumn.

We have already had a good number of 20lb+ Carp up to a 29lb Mirror Carp grown within this Lake. There are plenty of Variations of colour with a good head of colourful Ghost Carp. There are Bream up to 10.7lbs currently as well as Roach, Rudd, Perch and Tench. The Cats do go upto and over 60lb

Due to the colour of water and Clay content this Lake can present some challenges and should not be overlooked as an easy ‘Runs’ Water. Presentation and Attraction is key in catching

There are current works going on and new pegs being installed to improve the usage of this Lake due to it’s popularity

This Lake is a regional favourite for Night Fishing and social events

The Elton Team – Volunteers at their best!

David Trimm


Very close by are Elton Giant Mazes, Redhill Extreme Bike Park, BattleSports and Laser Clay Shooting where the non-anglers in your group can have fun while you fish.
There is also Pirate Island mini golf just across the road.

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