Some winter catches at Elton.

Some photos from Facebook of a few winter catches at Elton.

Above: Bob Weir was pleased with a cracking session in which he landed  10 carp. This is one of them.

A photo of Wayne White with his last catch of 2017
Wayne White – last catch of 2017

Wayne managed to land a fish on New Year’s Eve 2017 – it was a screamer and Wayne’s last fish of 2017.

A photo of Darren Attwood at Elton
Darren Attwood at Elton

A visit from Bait Tech in January 2018: from their Facebook page –

“Darren Attwood opened his 2018 account with two carp in his latest session!”

“The venue of choice was Elton Carp lakes just outside of Gloucester towards the Forest of Dean . The horse shoe shaped lake with an island running down the middle was stocked around 2005 and the carp have come on nicely with a large head around the 20lb mark. As I was limited on time I was looking for quick bites so I decided to use Bait-Tech’s Tutti Fruity sweetcorn on the hair with a bag of mixed maggots soaked in Corn Liquid” .

“Fishing a couple of feet off the island it didnt take long before my bobbin come out of its winter hibernation and 2018 was kick started with a stunning mirror weighing in a whisker over 18lb! Shortly after the same tactic tripped up another stunning mirror weighing in at 17lb. With these cold misty mornings Super Sweetcorn range does the business and to really increase my chance of a bite Liquid Corn is a must have to boost those free offerings!”

Andrew, Bob, Pedro & Sion with some recent catches

A photo of Andrew Blackwood with a huge carp
Andrew Blackwood with a huge carp

Andrew Blackwood’s catch 1/8/17 Common Carp 26.04 lb, another 1/2 lb would have been his personal best.

A photo of Bob Weir with a fine common
Bob Weir with a fine common carp

Bob  with another fine common carp from Elton lake one of six in twenty four hours.

A photo of Pedro Bolton with a 14 lb Mirror
Pedro Bolton with a 14 lb Mirror Carp

A 14lb mirror carp caught by Pedro a few months ago.

Sion Owen
Sion Owen

Sion did not weigh this one that he caught in the match lake.

Some carp caught in July 2017

A photo of James with an 8lb 10oz Mirror Carp
James with an 8lb 10 oz Mirror Carp
A photo of George with an 9 lb 12 oz Mirror Carp
George with an 9 lb 12 oz Mirror Carp

George caught this 9lb 12oz Mirror Carp within an hour of setting up.

A photo of Jason Bullock
Jason and mate land 16 fish

Jason and his mate caught 16 carp between them in 24 hours. Jason added: “… stunning fish nice location”.

Bor Weir added: “I fished 36 hours had 17 fish. I must say This is one of the best places I have been . Fish all seem to be in good condition.
Peter is very friendly. I will definitely be returning”.

Mark and Arran bag some carp

Mark’s First fish of the year and what a beauty it was 16.6 lb out of the small lake caught on the 7th March.

A photo of Arran-Lee Hale with a carp
Arran-Lee Hale

Arran-Lee Hale sent us these lovely carp photos. Arran said” me and the Mrs had a good session today! Nice to see some of your new fish getting on the feed too! Caught this little beauty. Be up again soon”

A photo of Arran's 'Mrs' with a lovely carp.
Arran’s ‘Mrs’ with a lovely carp.
A photo of Arran with a carp
One of Arran’s catch
A photo of Arran with a fine carp
Another of Arran’s catch

Aaron had some good catches again last weekend.
“Caught 4 in the night, however my camera man wasn’t with me, these two being the best from this morning!. 6 fish in total!”

New fish arrive at Elton Carp Lakes

Photos of new carp on the delivery vehicle
New Carp arrive at Elton Carp Lakes

This delivery of fine new fish arrived at Elton Carp Lakes in mid January 2017.

Photos of new carp being unloade from the delivery truck
The new carp are carefully unloaded from the delivery truck.

New carp on their way to their new home.

Photos of the new carp being released into Elton Carp lakes
The new carp are released into their new home.

And released into the water.

About 100 new fish were released into the bottom pond. Come and have a go at catching them soon.

Some Carp caught at Elton Carp Lakes in August 2016